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 Thank you very much for the invitations to see the latest production from Blakeney Players. I am so pleased that Tessa manged to come and see what a great group of friendly and talented thespians reside on the coast near the seals. And delighted that the stage crew, led by John Seymour, got their just desserts with the Technical award for District 5.

A first as author and director for Lavinia Finn, know that she has co-written before, and a great success for her first solo (and hopefully will continue to join the 'regular' team of authors and directors to spread the load). I just do not know where the inspiration comes from in your entertaining themes for each production. It is always such a pleasure to come to Blakeney, eagerly anticipated, and we know we shall have such an entertaining evening with the 'specially written for the cast' different extravaganza.

It was so good to read the programme and know that the talented 'regulars' were all there in force, in great voice, and fleet of foot with the slick and very well rehearsed movement and dance. So lovely to see the team of friends in action again. What an opening with the team of trim tappers led by Scarlett O'Mara in the cabaret, and this set the tone and style of the evening. In Midsomer Manor, the house-party of Lord and Lady Morston Marsh (and Dowager) had such fun at the Midsummer party, until the mysterious deaths and the problems to solve and determine what happened (and with a twist in the tale). But when the guests include Col Mustard, Prof Plum, Rev Green, Jane Blond, Miss Marbles, Inspector Cluedo, Charlie Chin and Number 1 Son, then it must be a complex twister, and each developed character had the 'own moment of spotlight and how good they all were in action and reaction and timing to perfection. One should not neglect the Servants' Hall under the control of the perfect butler, Mr Dobbs, or indeed the Boatman Henry Church, vital to the story. What fun each performer had throughout this tale of the Norfolk Coast and how each one managed a jewelled cameo and some good solos.

Under the chorus master Ralph Wiggins, the vocals were all to high standard as expected, especially the full cast finales of each act: Rhythm of Life, and Go West; and those dance routines were so slick, so stylish and sleek (especially Go West). The band led by Gill Mellor made the toes tap as we wanted to join in. As expected from the winning technical team, great sets and all looked good in the costume department. An evening of great pleasure for all, no wonder that the audiences wait and anticipate each year. Even that great heat could not spoil the enjoyment of the moment.


Thank you. Sincerely Sue


Village Hall, Blakeney 6 Jan 2022

Director Ralph Wiggins

Music Gill Mellor

 Group Choreography Jane Temple, Michelle Cobbett, Lily Temple


Well we knew we were in for a good evening at Blakeney as the anticipation is always rewarded with a very lively and different show, and this Puss in Boots again had a different slant. All on stage were so pleased to be there (as were the audience), one covid contact stand-in for princess in isolation but will be back during the run, a choreographer with bad foot an ideal substitute for opening night. In the Village of Mill Hill, all seemed fair with the usual suspects players in the cast list Merle Hooke as mill owner on retirement giving to Grahame Colombias elder brother Boris whilst younger brother Dylan lain Mawson gets the cat (and plays the 'hero' for first time). And the surprise transformation of pussy to Count Lightning Thunderboots in great hat and light-up boots and personality plus from Peter Franklin, supervising the rescue of fortune and story as he pushes Dylan into unlikely situations. Add in butcher, accountant, transport, farmer, and beauty team for a full complement of village, plus weather girl Alison Mawson, to get the action going with lively song and once again a great tap routine from the Glotox girls in the group to set the smiles in the auditorium. Once again all named roles in this Blakeney production. Off with the money to HSBG the fraudulent bank with Roger Combe, Martyn Scott, Dave Buckey as typical villains, looking forward to the riches, plus put-upon Erica Roch as Aggie. And then the Court of Old King Coke with Steve Benson and Morag Lloyd on thrones whilst they try to negotiate money loans and marriage contract with Prince Smoothiechops (Tim Williamson) for daughter substitute, and to help the villagers sort their problems with more lively music and dance (good Charleston), all giving such a good-feel to the evening. And of course our hero wins through with the aid of Thunderboots as all good pantomimes should. Sets and costumes all to the usual high Blakeney standard, and the toe-tapping music with Gill Mellor's group making us all feel happy with live music show and fun. Hope that the run goes well with no more covid incidents and thank you for a great evening, regards Sue 

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