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.....are in it for the fun of it!

(Rapunzel - Xmas 2014)

As you can see from the history page we have been around a long time and have no plans to go away in the near future.

There is a very strong tradition of writing original material as can be seen from the past productions page.

Our upcoming Christmas production for 2017,"TOYS", (written and directed by Katie Hoxley and Lavinia Finn) promises to be another winner! With Christmas just around the corner, the toys are worried they might end up banished to the loft; replaced by new, cooler toys from Santa. And who will save our plastic heroines from a fate worse than a bad hair day? All they need is a little superhero intervention, some help from their humans and a sprinkle of Christmas fairy dust.  Click here for details of how to book tickets and show dates.

We never do what might be termed serious plays and almost always it is a mix of comedy and music and dance.

Having said that we do take it very seriously and have a big production team, massive wardrobe facility and brilliant stage at the Blakeney Village Hall that was built with us in mind.

We do two productions a year and have a wide base of contributing writers and the demands on the production team just get more and more exotic. 

The production teams are looking to boost the set building and painting side and wardrobe usually need help to keep the big cast numbers suitably attired.

If you feel you may be useful to us either on or off stage please click here to contact the chairman or any of the players to see what may be possible.

Peter Franklin, Chairman

The Emperor's New Clothes - Christmas 2016